samedi 12 avril 2008

Les Jeudis

In February 2008, we performed as part of the Pompidou Centre's 'Les Jeudis', in the Musee D'Art Moderne. The idea behind the project was to try to take something from the works, be it the colours, the dynamic, the themes, the space, and transpose them into a short passage of movement. We then performed them in the rooms of the museum, in front of the works themselves.

The first is 'Punctuation', based on the works of Christian Boltanksi. It is concerned with memory, loss and the effort to pin down a 'true' self.

The second is a rehearsal of our work 'Court Metrage', based on 60s French Pop-Art. The room is filled with images of espionage, bright colours and grand attitudes, all of which we took as inspiration.

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