mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Starting Ko

We're in Bristol at the moment starting, just starting, work on a whole new show.

We arrived on Sunday and installed ourselves in an amazing flat (see pics) literally above the tobacco factory.

On monday we watched The Green Slime, Journey to the Seventh Planet, Rocketship X-M and The First Men in the Moon to get us in the mood. We want to try to use the style of b-movie science fiction to get us to a place where we can talk about 'big' things like memory and reality. By moving way into the future, or an imagined future, we hope to look back to the recent past, and give these events a real... space.

Standing at the start of a whole new show is overwhelming. There are so many ideas, so many grand ambitions that today we just had to take a deep breath and make some space suits (overalls, wellies and silver duck tape). In many ways though, this is the most exciting part of making a show: when it can still go anywhere, when everything is still possible. And we both agree that with this one...

We want to make something big.
Something complex
Something bold and beautiful and stark and austere
Something where one of us can say: "Nothing on this planet is real. Someone has brought them to life. Some alien being we don't yet understand"

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