jeudi 16 octobre 2008

Thursday 'Late' at the Museum in Docklands

Dancing Brick are curating the first of our Fletton Shuffles, an evening of haphazard gatherings of sketchy theatre, theatrical sketches, music and comedy. The Fletton Shuffles will provide a platform for young theatre makers to try out new work in front of an informed, informal audience.

Each night will be loosely themed around something that's interesting us at that moment and seeing as how the first is at the Museum in Docklands, in the heart of the city, we're putting on work that deals with commerce, crashes and the city. It's on the 6th November from 6-9pm at the Museum in Docklands, part of the Museum of London, right by Canary Wharf DLR.


Dancing Brick and her Friends present an evening of theatrical upstarts crunching the problems of the city in the jaws of the Docklands. Enjoy some sketchy theatre, some theatrical sketches, some music and some comedy from the best of London’s new theatre makers.

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