dimanche 7 septembre 2008


Thanks to everyone who came to our workshops at C Venues. For those that didn’t we gave two (due to popular demand an extra one was added) workshops entitled ‘Meaning from Movement’ which explored the themes in 21:13. The workshop highlights the partitions of the body and how the actor can use the isolation of these partitions as a starting point for developing characters and stories. We have since been asked by a number of Universities to come and run workshops.

If you’d like more information about the workshops or would like to inquire about the kinds of workshops Dancing Brick runs please write to thomaseccleshare@gmail.com

A taster of the workshop is here:

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Severin a dit…

wow cool! I could have learned quite a bit if I would have stayed for the workshop. I'll keep checking back for more info on the great company "dancing brick" by the incredibly talented actors valentina and thomas. yo!